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With 10 years experience in the field of Image Processing, Computer Vision and Machine Learning (Ph.D. (DUTH) & Post-Doc (HKUST)) and 4 years experience in the A.I. Hong Kong Market, Efstratios, an experienced A.I. Engineer and Entrepreneur, currently serves as Overseas Technical & Business Director for Deep Learning Medical Imaging Diagnostics company, Imsight Medical Technology (top 50 A.I. companies in China for 2017).In the past, he served as Team leader & A.I. Consultant for multiple A.I. teams while collaborated and consulted multiple companies in the A.I. HK Market in the fields of Healthcare (Imsight Medical Tech, Oya Clinics), Retail (Radica Systems, Popsquare), Smart City (HKSTP), Weather Analytics (Hong Kong Observatory), Manufacturing (Lung Kee Group) and Sports Analytics (Statsmaster). He is the founder of Orasis A.I., a consultancy company focusing in Computer Vision and one of the finalists for B4B Challenge 2016. Efstratios is a guest lecturer for HKU Space (Big Data Specialization) and also judge – mentor - speaker for multiple events like Google A.I. Start-up Weekend, HackUST (largest hackathon in China) and Brinc Accelerator (Drones Program). He has been also columnist for IT PRO Magazine HK.

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